Risuralli_3-11Risuralli is a Finnish outdoor event owned by the Finnish Wilderness Skills Association (Suomen Erätaito ry). When it was first established, the event was simply called ”a meeting for hobo-stoves” and people were invited via social media to gather together to make food and just enjoy all kinds of wood burning stoves, mainly homemade hobo-stoves.

Soon a Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/risukeittimet/) was opened, and there the hobo-stove-mania organically grew and people started to build different kinds of hobo-stoves, post photos onto the group page and share and compare their experiences together. In less than a year the group gathered nearly 600 members.

Risuralli_3-4The Risuralli became a kind of group camping event – so in addition to the stoves, different kinds of shelters could also be seen in the meeting in real use. Especially popular are different kind of Finnish shelters that allow you to use the open fire in them (lavvu), or in front of them (loue).

In the Risuralli anyone can be a demonstrator for his or hers own outdoor gear. There may also be some sellers and manufacturers on the event field, but most of the products can be seen in real use, shown by true non-professional outdoor people. And the diversity of styles is huge – the same product can be used in dozens of ways, the products can be mixed together etc. People can learn new ideas from each other – and the best result is that the manufacturers get ideas for their new products.

Risuralli is a happy outdoor happening – the overall atmosphere on the event field is always very positive.  It is not a commercial marketplace, instead people are eager to find new ideas of how to improve their camping experience – and others are excited to demonstrate their own skills.

Risuralli is a social, creative event for people looking for new ways to think about camping.